Meet me down by the pier

Santa Monica is the epicentre of cool. A place of color and excitement, with moments you want to bottle up for lasting memories, and tap into later for inspiration. Scattered throughout the pier are an array of brightly painted amusement rides and neon lights illuminating the people beneath them. Looking out across the shores sits hoards of families and friends wadding in the crashing sea waters, exploring beneath the wooden pier ‘gramming and Snapping their adventures in style.


Every visit to Santa Monica requires cute flats for walking the pier, a roomy backpack for a camera, and a visit to the pier’s ice cream shop to devour a banana split, topped with a bright, red cherry of course. It's been my tradition every year, and the summer of 2017 will be no different! My inspiration for this season will be just that - my fruity, banana split treat that always reminds me of the exciting, bright colors the pier has to offer.

A place of endless inspiration, and conveniently located near one of the most glamourous and stylish cities in the world, Santa Monica packs exciting sounds, views and aromas - memories I hope I’ll never forget.

Being a New York native, the sunshine and rainbow filtered landscape beats any cold, wintery day up North, and every summer I eagerly await my next trip to the celebrity enclave that is southern California. Whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll remember the diversity of the crowd, the mixed array of colorful amusement rides and buildings, remembering how unique every one of us is, and that we can all come together to share positive moments like this.

I want us all to take on this summer together, and what better way than to share some Instagram worthy inspiration, because we all deserve to not only look amazing, but we deserve to feel confident and ready to take on the town, too.

Images: The Fashion Citizen and Lauren Elson

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