Hi, friends of Phoebe.

Everyone who’s reading this has a few things in common: Big hearts, smart looks and proud voices. Let yours shine with any charm that show off your style and your conviction. After all, fashion should be imaginative and intelligent. Like the new wave of girl culture.

We're all originals.

No one is alike – and why should they be? We’re quirky, curious, independent and, most of all, expressive. So no matter whether it’s education, environmental rights or friendship that we care about, we’re all trying to say something.

How we do it.

Love the pineapple Charm or is the Unicat more up your alley? Whatever your flair, we believe you should be able to wear it everywhere. That’s why it’s easy to swap any charm in and out on any of our shoes, backpacks, cuffs and keychains. Just pop it on and twist to lock. Voila.

“We love fashion. But we love what we’re trying to say through fashion even more.”



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